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Re: monitorless intall - a newbie question

maybe you could set it up on two PCs with exactly the same images and select the items at the right time... Bit if anything goes wrong with the monitorless one it will mess you up big time..
I have cc'd debian-boot@lists.debian.org on this
Replying to the message sent by R.Stepanyan  on 04 Jun 2003 20:06:48 +0200, received at 19:51:09 on 04/06/2003. R.Stepanyan wrote:
>Hi all,
>I would like to ask for any information regarding an installation of
>Debian on a monitorless PC. The idea is to use a box without
>videocard and monitor, but with HDD and 2 network cards as a
>"server" for a small home network (basically - I do not have place
>and money to by videocard and monitor, but do have a laptop with
>debian on it). My idea was to boot the monitorless box from a
>floppy/CD in such a way, that 1. eth0 (for internal network) gets
>configured from init script 2. sshd/telned starts up from init
>script 3. make telnet/ssh from my laptop and configure it further,
>which includes all procedures, starting from fdisk, installind
>Debian, and ending with config of the eth1 for the external network.
>So, the question is: are there any ready images available for this
>kind of tasks. HOWTO's or just a piece of advice are also wellcome.
>I am not quite sure that this question corresponds to the subjects
>discussed in this list. So, my excusses if it is an off-topic.
>Thank you in advance

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