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Re: trying out the new installer

On Wed, Jun 04, 2003 at 01:08:49PM -0700, Ross Boylan wrote:
> I'm getting a new system (dual processor AMD, SCSI disks) in a couple of
> weeks at work and am willing to give the new installer a shot.  I tested
> a previous generation's installer a few years ago.  My employers are not
> paying me to be a beta tester, but I think it will be OK if I take a
> quick pass at it, since I have to do an install anyway.
> Is the installer in any kind of shape that this might work, or is it too
> early?
> Also, is processed documentation available anywhere?  I see the daily
> binary files, but no instructions :).  I got the source from cvs, and am
> looking throught it.  But I can't build it here, and it would be nice to
> see the finished docs.
> Of course, that also leads to the question of whether the docs are at
> all current....

There are some text files in doc which are mostly design, not usage.
And the barest start at a manual, really just a copy of the beginning
chapters of the woody manual. So, the quick answer is no.

There are some links listed in the recent archives for places to get a
daily build version for i386, which is the only arch available, and
other websites with helpful hints. It's really not in beta yet, maybe
getting close.

I suspect it would not be a 'quick' try since you aren't familiar
with it and no docs yet :(

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