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trying out the new installer

I'm getting a new system (dual processor AMD, SCSI disks) in a couple of
weeks at work and am willing to give the new installer a shot.  I tested
a previous generation's installer a few years ago.  My employers are not
paying me to be a beta tester, but I think it will be OK if I take a
quick pass at it, since I have to do an install anyway.

Is the installer in any kind of shape that this might work, or is it too

Also, is processed documentation available anywhere?  I see the daily
binary files, but no instructions :).  I got the source from cvs, and am
looking throught it.  But I can't build it here, and it would be nice to
see the finished docs.

Of course, that also leads to the question of whether the docs are at
all current....

Thanks for any info, and thanks to all of you who are working on this
important but grungey task.  (grungy?)
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