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Re: Sarge-i386-businesscard.iso

Martin Sjögren wrote:

So, anyway, let's go over this and discuss the problems you had. :)

tor 2003-02-27 klockan 19.17 skrev Hank:
A text console showed up with with about 5 steps for which I chose the defaults. I only got so far as installing modules from the CD. About 35 modules showed up.
After a prompt I entered the module number and it showed
up as being selected in the list.

And then q for letting it go on and install the things you selected?
Some things should definitely have been installed automatically.
Well, I kind of figured that's what should have happened. <<Enter q>> should
have exited the selection of modules and then proceeded to install onto the hard drive. I saw a message about anna installing libc-udeb-2.3..xxxxxx.udeb and then
an error message. I saw it had reached 1.1 percent

But then I was baffled about what to do next. The last option offered (#5) to go to a shell which I took and was told that I could use the nano editor and a few shell commands.

That is kinda weird, anna (the "Load installer modules" step) should
have installed tools (and menu items) for partitioning, mkfs et.c. I'm
downloading the feb 27 version of the iso right now to check up on this.
How much RAM do you have? Could you boot it up, and from a shell type
"df -h" so we can see how large the created ramdisk is?

I have 128MB RAM. df -h showed the following:
rootfs  62.3MB (somewhere around there)   mounted on /
shm      62.3MB "                                       "   mounted on /

The mesage also said something like 5.4 M used and around 57M unused After step 3 of the installation (Install and mount a CDROM drive df -h showed the following:

/dev/cdrom   yak yak yak            mounted on /cdrom

(Something like that. I'm writing from memory.)

However, once in the shell I noticed nano didn't work. It was not in any of the paths.

Yes, it's not there yet.

I am guessing the installation left out the step of setting up partitions on the hard drve.

Well, anna should have installed the tools for it...

Yes, that's what I was saying. Usually the first step after setting up your keyboard, is setting up
your swap  and then a root partition.  These choices never appeared.

I just have a few suggestions for what they're worth:

(1) Fix the install process so that it lets you set up your hard drive before trying to install a udeb: you can't install anything if you have nothing to install onto except a ramdisk. Which might work. But what happens after you turn off your computer?

(2) Instead of having the modules scroll down one after the other leaving the first six or so invisible to the installer, have the modules listed in such a way that all of them can be seen: e.g. print 3 modules on one line before issueing a CR

Well, that's it. Looks like a lot of hard work has been done already. Just a few glitches out of the way, and the debian
installer should be functional.


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