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I was trying out the Sarge-i386-businesscard.iso (40MB iso image).


What's the gluck stand for? Good Luck?

I burned the iso image and booted into the install process with this CD, but did
not succeed installing anything.

A text console showed up with with about 5 steps for which I chose the defaults. I only got so far as installing modules from the CD. About 35 modules showed up.
After a prompt I entered the module number and it showed
up as being selected in the list.

But then I was baffled about what to do next. The last option offered (#5) to go to a shell which I took and was told that I could use the nano editor and a few shell commands.

However, once in the shell I noticed nano didn't work. It was not in any of the paths.

I am guessing the installation left out the step of setting up partitions on the hard drve.
And what's this about udeb? Some new package utility?

I read through the install documents and found nothing anywhere near describing how to use this CD.

Can anyone give any pointers. Has someone made a page to go along with this CD to explain how to use it? Thanks for any help!


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