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Re: Sarge-i386-businesscard.iso

fre 2003-02-28 klockan 20.57 skrev Hank:
> Well, I kind of figured that's what should have happened. <<Enter q>> should
> have exited the selection of modules and then proceeded to install onto 
> the hard
> drive. I saw a message about anna  installing libc-udeb-2.3..xxxxxx.udeb 
> and then
> an error message. I saw it had reached 1.1 percent

Oh, you have probably been bitten by missing symbols and stuff, this
should be fixed in CVS and I will upload a new anna soon.

> I have 128MB RAM. df -h showed the following:
> rootfs  62.3MB (somewhere around there)   mounted on /
> shm      62.3MB "                                       "   mounted on /
> The mesage also said something like 5.4 M used and around 57M unused     

With that amount of memory it sure isn't lack of space that's the
problem. :)
> (1) Fix the install process so that it lets you set up your hard drive 
> before trying to install a udeb: you can't install anything if you have 
> nothing
> to install  onto except a ramdisk. Which might work. But what happens 
> after you turn off your computer?

Ah, you're misunderstanding! The udebs are only used by the installer
and they are supposed to be in the ramdisk! Loading stuff from CD or Net
to set up the installer is exactly what anna does by installing udebs.
There's a udeb for fdisk for example, there's one for mkfs.ext2, every
menu item is a udeb. What you *should* have seen after anna had finished
running, would have been something like this:
(except that the default tag would be at the "Detect hard drives..."

> (2) Instead of having the modules scroll down one after the other 
> leaving the first six or so invisible to the installer,
> have the modules listed in such a way that all of them can be seen: e.g. 
> print 3 modules on one line before issueing a CR

There's paging code in CVS, so it shouldn't be a huge problem, and in
more advanced frontends (like slang and newt) these selections are

I hope that made sense. :)


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