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Progress bars again

I've been tinkering with adding progress bars to base-installer, and
it's tricky to say the least.

The info that debootstrap gives when called with --boot-floppies is very
different from the API of the cdebconf progress bars, and I'm sitting
here wondering what would be easiest of
1. changing debootstrap (perhaps add --debian-installer)
2. rewrite parts of base-installer in C, parse the info and convert it
to cdebconf progress bars
3. change the cdebconf progress bars

Yesterday, I tried attacking 2, but I'm kinda stuck. debootstrap
decouples stepping and changing the info, that's merged in cdebconf.
Unlike cdebconf, debootstrap has no concept of starting and stopping the
progress, you'll just get a new upper limit and some current step.

I'm leaning towards 1, since it'd be scary to do 3, but I have no idea
how much work 1 will be.


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