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Re: udebs for more than just installation

Has anyone looked at the ipkg (sp?) format used on Compaq iPaqs?
Its an cut-down dpkg format for embedded use.

(I've just heard of it, not investigated it. A comparison by someone who
knows both, and the debate over dpkg v2, would be nice).


On Thu, 2003-02-27 at 17:56, Martin Sjögren wrote:
> tor 2003-02-27 klockan 17.34 skrev Branden Robinson:
> > [I have set Mail-Followup-To; please To/CC me on replies.
> > How feasible would it be to use udebs as "real" packages?  I note that
> > udpkg appears to support maintainer scripts, though I don't know it
> > supports them as comprehensively as regular dpkg (see sections 6.4 and
> > 6.5 of the Debian Policy Manual).
> I'm not quite sure what it is you are asking. Are you asking for how
> nifty things you can do with udpkg? Right now, udpkg only calls
>   /.../package.config configure
>   /.../package.postinst configure
> and that's it. I don't see how we would need any *rm scripts in the
> installer. :)
> This can, I guess, be expanded if dpkg being tiny is more important than
> dpkg being stellar at maintainer scripts.
> > Another approach we're thinking about is regular dpkg support for
> > directory exclusion during package unpack, for things like documentation
> > and localization files.  Of course, that's more an issue for
> > debian-dpkg... :)
> Isn't that what has been discussed before, for handhelds and stuff? If
> you're willing to make udebs anyway, you won't need this though, as I
> don't see why dpkg wouldn't be able to handle udebs. There's nothing
> magic about udebs, they just happen to have different names and don't
> follow policy more than they like...
> /Martin
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