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Re: udebs for more than just installation

tor 2003-02-27 klockan 17.34 skrev Branden Robinson:
> [I have set Mail-Followup-To; please To/CC me on replies.
> How feasible would it be to use udebs as "real" packages?  I note that
> udpkg appears to support maintainer scripts, though I don't know it
> supports them as comprehensively as regular dpkg (see sections 6.4 and
> 6.5 of the Debian Policy Manual).

I'm not quite sure what it is you are asking. Are you asking for how
nifty things you can do with udpkg? Right now, udpkg only calls
  /.../package.config configure
  /.../package.postinst configure
and that's it. I don't see how we would need any *rm scripts in the
installer. :)

This can, I guess, be expanded if dpkg being tiny is more important than
dpkg being stellar at maintainer scripts.

> Another approach we're thinking about is regular dpkg support for
> directory exclusion during package unpack, for things like documentation
> and localization files.  Of course, that's more an issue for
> debian-dpkg... :)

Isn't that what has been discussed before, for handhelds and stuff? If
you're willing to make udebs anyway, you won't need this though, as I
don't see why dpkg wouldn't be able to handle udebs. There's nothing
magic about udebs, they just happen to have different names and don't
follow policy more than they like...


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