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Bug#182349: anna: Should reload packages file if something went wrong last time

tis 2003-02-25 klockan 09.29 skrev Thomas Viehmann:
> Emm. Now I'm feeling stupid. Yes you're doing what I want for practical purposes.
> I must have done something really silly here to create the problematic setup and
> I cannot reproduce it without doing the following, which I admit to be rather
> artificial:
> - At no point provide Packages
> - Create Junk in Packages.gz
> - let installer fetch stuff, gunzip fails and the Packages.gz is left there
> - Replace Junk by real Packages.gz
> As an effect, anna will fail, but will succeed the next time debian-installer is
> started. Of course this could be avoided by removing the Packages.gz, but I
> don't think it's worth it if there is no better way to trigger it.
> Again, this is very artificial and it is not the original way I had this
> problem. However, I'm not able to reproduce it properly (partly because gunzip
> called by anna seems to succeed more often than gunzip on my host system).
> Sorry about that.

Ah, so I still forget to remove Packages.gz when something fails. Very
valid point, and I'll fix that in cvs. Thanks.


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