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Bug#182349: anna: Should reload packages file if something went wrong last time

tis 2003-02-25 klockan 00.25 skrev Matt Kraai:
> When you rerun anna, you will not get the new Packages file.  The
> net retriever uses the -c option to wget, which will only append
> to the existing file.
> > Where is this failing? Are you saying that you want an eplicit way to
> > "re-install this already installed package"?
> anna should unlink the Packages file before redownloading to
> ensure that we retrieve the latest version.  This isn't a problem
> for udebs because their contents don't change.

Are we talking about the same thing at all? anna removes the Packages
file after parsing it:

        unlink(DOWNLOAD_DIR "/Packages");

I guess if it fails mid-download you might have an incomplete Packages
file still there. In that case, I think this is something that should be
changed in net-retriever.


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