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Re: debian-installer - using devfs in the installed system

* Eduard Bloch <edi@gmx.de> [021209 11:07]:
> It would be the best practice for us. Some strange multi-serial-port card is
> generally not essential for the installation, but missing some important
> device node of a harddisk is. Look at the current situation with /dev/i2o/hdX
> devices, we forgot to include that in Woodys B-Fs. Same may happen with Sarge.

This design decision could exclude the segment between desktops and
embedded things, where the only ways out are are serial-cards (and
maybe some other things, for which getting a initial console would be
even harder).

I'm not saying devfs should not used at all. But the system should
support using kernels without devfs, too.

But I have to admit, that I should not critice but get my cvs checkout
to the latest version and look what can be done...

	Bernhard R. Link
The man who trades freedom for security does not deserve 
nor will he ever receive either. (Benjamin Franklin)

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