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Re: debian-installer - using devfs in the installed system

#include <hallo.h>
Bernhard R. Link wrote on Mon Dec 09, 2002 um 10:56:39AM:
> devfs also seem to have some problems with some drivers. I remember a
> situation in the local lug here, where a multi-serial-card did not
> want to run together with devfs, even after some changes to the module's
> source.
> And after all, demanding a feature still having a "(EXPERIMENTAL)" after
> it may not be the best practice.

It would be the best practice for us. Some strange multi-serial-port card is
generally not essential for the installation, but missing some important
device node of a harddisk is. Look at the current situation with /dev/i2o/hdX
devices, we forgot to include that in Woodys B-Fs. Same may happen with Sarge.


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