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Re: Unable to install Woody from CD

fre 2002-12-06 klockan 16.07 skrev Petter Reinholdtsen:
> > Hmm, you have a
> > /cdrom/dists/sid/main/debian-installer/binary-*/Packages, and
> > mirror/distribution is set to sid instead of sarge? Sounds weird...
> No, the distribution is set to 'woody', not 'sid', by cdrom-detect.
> The installation gets a bit further after I added an extra symlink
> from sid->woody in addition to the symlink sarge->woody already in
> place.

Oh right, I forgot that hack.

> > If it's set to sarge, then you'll have a problem, but anna shouldn't
> > segfault because of it, grr!
> Well, I guess anna segfaults if it tries to work on a non-existand
> file or an empty list.  Some log entries would make it easier to find
> out which error detection code is missing.

Yes, something's obviously broken, but as long as the retrievers report
non-existant files with non-zero exit codes, it Should Work.

I don't like over-logging, but for testing purposes I suggest you put in
some fprintfs to stderr in try_get_packages in retriever.c.

Hmm. I wonder if the problem could be that it finds no packages at all,
thus the linked list returned to anna is empty. Maybe that's a problem.
I'll check it out.


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