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Re: Unable to install Woody from CD

[Martin Sjögren]
> I don't have any problems at all, with a complete rebuild of CVS
> stuff, and a "sarge-compatible" CD.

OK.  Then the problem is only on my side. :/

> No floppy-retriever? ;)

No, did not include it on the floppy.

> Hmm, you have a
> /cdrom/dists/sid/main/debian-installer/binary-*/Packages, and
> mirror/distribution is set to sid instead of sarge? Sounds weird...

No, the distribution is set to 'woody', not 'sid', by cdrom-detect.
The installation gets a bit further after I added an extra symlink
from sid->woody in addition to the symlink sarge->woody already in

> Hmm, but in a CD install, choose-mirror will never be run, how is
> mirror/distribution set?

Check cdrom-detect:

  # Set the distribution used by base-installer, test in priority order
  for dist in woody sarge sid ; do
      if [ -e /cdrom/dists/$dist ] ; then
          db_set mirror/distribution $dist

> If it's set to sarge, then you'll have a problem, but anna shouldn't
> segfault because of it, grr!

Well, I guess anna segfaults if it tries to work on a non-existand
file or an empty list.  Some log entries would make it easier to find
out which error detection code is missing.

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