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Re: debian-installer and libraries

* Bruce Sass 

| There seems to be a snag when a developer wants to use a routine not
| in the libc (whatever) udeb. 

It seems to me like you think that the libc-udeb contains a reduced
libc.  It doesn't.

| Delaying the reduction until it is time
| to actually produce a version the must fit on a floppy may make things
| a little easier and speed up development.  Of couse there is a risk
| that any savings would get eaten up in rewrites if the lib can't be
| reduced enough, which is where the external tracking mechanism comes
| in so developers know when they are bloating the lib and can run it by
| the rest of the team before they get too far along (but without having
| to wait for a new reduced lib to be built and distributed.

You don't have to distribute the reduced build.  It is made as part of
make initrd.

I think you are trying to solve a non-issue here. :)

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