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debian-installer and libraries


I want to help debian-installer with a graphical ui and started
examining the possibilities of gtk-fb and gtk-directfb.

While working on this I encountered some things I did not understand,
perhaps someone can help me out:

In the todo list it says, there is need for a gtkfb udeb while it says
in build/README:

| Apt is used to download the required udebs. This does *not* include
| libraries; libraries used by udebs must be installed on the build
| system, and so are build-depended on.

I do not understand, how the libraries of the build system are copied
to the install system. Are they "just" copied out of /lib, /usr/lib?
If yes, that seems a little inconsistent to me, because the resulting
installer depends a lot on the build system. Perhaps this is intented?

So long,

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