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Re: debian-installer and libraries

* "Sebastian Ley" 

| I want to help debian-installer with a graphical ui and started
| examining the possibilities of gtk-fb and gtk-directfb.


| In the todo list it says, there is need for a gtkfb udeb while it says
| in build/README:
| | Apt is used to download the required udebs. This does *not* include
| | libraries; libraries used by udebs must be installed on the build
| | system, and so are build-depended on.
| I do not understand, how the libraries of the build system are copied
| to the install system. Are they "just" copied out of /lib, /usr/lib?
| If yes, that seems a little inconsistent to me, because the resulting
| installer depends a lot on the build system. Perhaps this is intented?

Most of those are built from -pic libraries, which are reduced
versions of the normal libraries.  It is impossible to know which
functions are needed before the actual build of the boot media.

So, yes, it is a bit inconsistent, but it's the only way.  (AFAIK, at

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