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Re: Problems installing on a Toshiba 440CDT laptop

mån 2002-11-25 klockan 14.07 skrev Charles Garcia-Tobin:
> 	Any help would be appretiated as I would dearly love to run debian
> on this machine. It's an awfull old machine with no keyboard or screen but
> it is going to act a wireless-to-ethernet bridge to get my Playstation2
> linux box on the network. If I can't get it to work it will be have to be
> thrown away, so its life is in your hands ;-)

Have you tried the woody CDs? sarge isn't released yet, and the
installer is still in development (though we do need help with testing
it :-)

If you desperately want to have sarge, I suggest you install woody and
dist-upgrade it to sarge.


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