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Installation problem


Package : Boot-floppies
Version : Woody 3.0r0 (purchased from The Debian Shop)
flavor: bf24
architecture: 1386
model: component built system
memory: 512mb

I am using a Abit K7a-RAID motherboard (no raid set) with 2 60g IBM Deskstar hard drives. I have problems both partitioning the system and then initializing and mounting partitions. cfdisk and fdisk do not create valid partition tables so I downloaded Red Hat 8.0 and used Disk Druid to partition the hard drive (which worked fine it was even possible to install RH8.0 without problems). Debian then appears to have problems when I try to Activate and Initialize partitions. If I choice to just activate the swap partition I can continue but If I choose to Activate and Initialize the partition , the boot system kernel looses all partition information. I am then however unable to either activate or activate and initialize a root partition without the kernel loosing knowledge of the partition table. I get the rather helpful error message Mount failed: Input/output error occasionally. However if I reboot into the kernel I have access to all the partitions again.

I would prefer to use install the Debian GNU/Linux than use Red Hat (partly because of the ethically stand point and partly because from the reviews I get significantly more control over my system). Is their any way use a different kernel image to boot into the installation system or can I run the installer from a Red Hat kernel?

I have attached the bug report information incase this is of any help. Thanks in advance for any help.


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