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Problems installing on a Toshiba 440CDT laptop

	Hello there I am having problems getting Debian woody sarge
(testing) on a toshiba 440CDT laptop. I do have an existing distribution on
there, and I was wanting to migrate to Debian. When I boot CD1 and simply
press enter at the prompt the kernel uncompresses and inits with some error
messages. These are to do with the network which I can believe  as the
laptop runs a PCMCIA  network adapter. The error is : "kmod: failed to exec
/sbin/modprobe -s -l net-pf-1, errorno=2" 

	Thats fine, I can get the network going later I thought, I want to
install via CD anyway. Having booted I get to the installation menu:

Choose the next step:
Here is the main menu of the Debian installer. (default)
1. Detect CDROM and mount /cdrom 
2. FGnish setting up Debian Installer
3. Execute shell

So I choose 1

I then asked for maximum verbosity when asked and it finds the CD. A couple
of error messages during this process are:

Before it tells me its found the cd i get:
unable to remove /usr/share/discover directory not empty

and after

kmod: failed to exec /sbin/modprobe -s -k nls_iso8859-1, errorno=2
kmod: failed to exec /sbin/modprobe -s -k nls_cp437, errorno=2

Then its says if found the cd and it has the sarge official snapshot
28821119 and I can proceed

The next menu is the same as before but with option 2 (finish setting up the
installer) and sometimes 3 (execute shell) as the default. When I choose 2
and then cdrom as the retriever, the list of packages is larger than my
screensize so it's not that useful anyway. Upon exiting I either get a
segfault (if I choose a few packages like kernel 2.4.18, lilo, isapnp to be
honest I can only see packages from about 14 onwards so I can't see if there
are any above 14 that I should choose). If I choose nothing I get an syntax
error complaint from ssh and a posinstall exited with status 256

The only thing I am allowed to do it seems is to run a shell, but I cannot
seem to install from there either.

	Any help would be appretiated as I would dearly love to run debian
on this machine. It's an awfull old machine with no keyboard or screen but
it is going to act a wireless-to-ethernet bridge to get my Playstation2
linux box on the network. If I can't get it to work it will be have to be
thrown away, so its life is in your hands ;-)


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