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Re: Installation problem

On Mon, Nov 25, 2002 at 02:28:02PM +0000, Andrew Sampson wrote:
> Hi,
> Package : Boot-floppies
> Version : Woody 3.0r0 (purchased from The Debian Shop)
> flavor: bf24
> architecture: 1386
> model: component built system
> memory: 512mb
> I am using a Abit K7a-RAID motherboard (no raid set) with 2 60g IBM 
> Deskstar hard drives. I have problems both partitioning the system and then 
> initializing and mounting partitions. cfdisk and fdisk do not create valid 
> partition tables so I downloaded Red Hat 8.0 and used Disk Druid to 
> partition the hard drive (which worked fine it was even possible to install 
> RH8.0 without problems). Debian then appears to have problems when I try to 
> Activate and Initialize partitions. If I choice to just activate the swap 
> partition I can continue but If I choose to Activate and Initialize the 
> partition , the boot system kernel looses all partition information. I am 
> then however unable to either activate or activate and initialize a root 
> partition without the kernel loosing knowledge of the partition table. I 
> get the rather helpful error message Mount failed: Input/output error 
> occasionally. However if I reboot into the kernel I have access to all the 
> partitions again.
> I would prefer to use install the Debian GNU/Linux than use Red Hat (partly 
> because of the ethically stand point and partly because from the reviews I 
> get significantly more control over my system). Is their any way use a 
> different kernel image to boot into the installation system or can I run 
> the installer from a Red Hat kernel?

There is a recipe for installing Debian from an existing linux system,
in the installation manual.


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