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Re: coding style

* "Robin Rowe" 

| What I use varies, and I feel far from proficient at configuring editors.
| Please list your approved/tested editors. I look forward to receiving form
| you a cheat sheet of how to configure tabs to spaces in popular editors. It
| would be interesting to know how to do that, though of course I wouldn't
| normally bother since I prefer tabs.

for emacs: (setq-default indent-tabs-mode nil) in your .emacs

Adding (add-hook 'c-mode-common-hook '(lambda() (c-set-style "k&r")))
as well makes k&r the default style.  IIRC, that is.  Untested.
| One reason I like real tabs is that it avoids the debate of the "correct"
| number of spaces to represent a tab. Although four spaces sounds reasonable
| to me, others love two, three, or five spaces.

*shrug*.  Then they can set up their cvs to reindent on checkout and

| I didn't cast aspersions on anyone about making a power play. I don't know
| you well enough to have formed any opinion.

It looked to me like you did.. if you didn't, fine. :)

| > Everybody is of course free to write in whatever arcane style they
| > want, as long as the *checked in code* complies with the mandated
| > coding style!
| Is this your idea of being broadminded? To reject contributions?

if the contributions are unreadable, then yes, they won't be
included.  Unless somebody cleans them up, that is.  The alternative
is to have a repository which looks like a dumping ground.

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