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Re: Woody Installation

Don Armstrong wrote:
Hi Don

> I assume of course, that you have setup the bios offset for the drives
> correctly. You almost definetly need a
> disk=/dev/sda
> bios=0x80

I already tried this, and many other tips suggested so far. This very
same problem kept occurring on several PCs. Maybe it's my Adaptec
Controller (I took it with me whenever I moved to a new PC.) As soon as
I get a new box (planned for early next year I will delve into the
problem a little deeper.

> in your lilo.conf. [I happen to be booting right now from a machine
> with mixed ide/scsi with the scsi loading before the ide drive...]
> Finally, linux (the kernel) doesn't really have anything to do with
> the bootloader, other than the fact that the bootloader loads it, and
> the boot mapper interacts with the disks through it.

What happens:
lilo stops after a certain stage
0'1 and 1's get printed on the screen (gazillions of them)
lilo tells me it doesn't feel like writing to that disk
lilo writes somewhere but doesn't kill any disk.

As it runs happily on your box, it might not be a general problem (as
someone suggested when I first asked for help on Compuserve).

So for the time being I will leave the problem pending as it is, for all
I still have to do is create my own kernel and then I won't have to
change any boot sectors for a long time.

As soon as I know more, I will come back to this.

Thanks a lot

Axel Schlicht

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