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Re: Woody Installation

On Mon, 09 Sep 2002, Axel Schlicht wrote:

NB: lilo typically doesn't just "hang". It stops loading itself at
very well defined points... it might be usefull to know exactly how
far along in this sequence it had gotten. Unless I am mistaken, it
probably stoped right after the LI.

> Somehow Linux doesn't get the order right. My bios shows the scsi drive
> as 0x80 / c: but thereafter you cant't run lilo. Revese it (ide first)
> and you won't have any problems.

I assume of course, that you have setup the bios offset for the drives
correctly. You almost definetly need a


in your lilo.conf. [I happen to be booting right now from a machine
with mixed ide/scsi with the scsi loading before the ide drive...]

Finally, linux (the kernel) doesn't really have anything to do with
the bootloader, other than the fact that the bootloader loads it, and
the boot mapper interacts with the disks through it.

Don Armstrong

I never until now realized that the primary job of any emoticon is to
say "excuse me, that didn't make any sense." ;-P  -- Cory Doctorow


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