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Re: Woody Installation

Axel Schlicht wrote:
> This is my experience (dismal, bleak, sad, devastating, frustrating
> experience) with woody or rather the attempted installation thereof.
> The even sadder story on my laptop will soon follow.
> One short remark. Knoppix (one of the first versions) runs absolutely
> smoothely on the here mentioned PC as well as on my Laptop; woody simply
> doesn't (that is X doesn't).

Taking my laptop and comparing what happens with woody and Knoppix I
found out that a USB mouse being recognized doesn't suffice, you also
have to run usbmgr.
Everything runs smoothely now, but it was hard to figure out.

The graphics chip is not in xfree's list, so xvidtune doesn't run, but
as everything runs smoothely now, it's not necessary.
Will send the data required to the address indicated.

So the even sadder part of fighting with my laptop is history.

So we did survive the first round :-))).

Axel Schlicht

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