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Re: Woody Installation

Chris Tillman wrote:

Hi Chris 
> > > http://www.debian.org/releases/stable/i386/ch-rescue-boot.en.html#s-install-cd
It's also on the CD, but I first thought it was Chinese (ch, well might
also be Swiss) and with no Chinese fonts at hand I decded to skip it.
And, if you first look under /doc you only have zero byte files under a
non-unix-flavored OS, a they usually don't have links.

> > What about providing something like indicating a file which lists all
> > possible kernels on all CD's. should be a text file so that a simple cat
> > | more will sufice to read it.
> That would be the README's in /install/doc
There's no README in /install/doc on CD1
There's a README  in / on CD1 but it doesn't cover this
/install/doc/install.en.txt however mentions 4 kernels (I think they are
on CD1)
I have seen them while installing on my laptop (IDE inly, so I didn't
run into any problems here). It mentions : vanilla, compact, idepci, and
bf2.4 and some additional information.
As there is also a text file alogside the html files, it should be
readable while installing.
A small plea:
I do believe most people will first jump to /doc, do a ls, read install,
jump there and only see  0 byte files. (Especially if you have a look at
the CDs under M$. A short textfile saying see under /install/doc might
solve this. Not a big deal but s small help.
> No, as someone else mentioned we're not working on boot-floppies
> any more. We'll need help testing the new installer once it becomes
> available. You'd agree it's a minor problem?
Some CD(-ROM)s won't boot properly, some (older) Laptops willl also have
problems to boot from CDs. Will it, for some time in the future, still
be possible to boot in a differnt way (loadlin etc). And, with the CD
set (bnary only) now spanning 7 volumes, will there son be DVDs? (Just a

> In that case, you'll be interested in a little program called cruft.
> It needs decent documentation, too.
Sounds promising. Will investigate.

Thanks again

Axel Schlicht

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