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Re: Woody Installation

On Mon, Sep 09, 2002 at 03:12:28AM +0200, Axel Schlicht wrote:
> Chris Tillman wrote:
> > > (If it fails try the other CDs)
> > Do you have a suggested rewording? It seems to be succinct, accurate and
> > to the point. A longer explanation would explain that we have tried hard
> > to accomodate as many different machine architectures as possible, by
> > providing differently configured boot kernels on the different CDs,
> > one of which should boot on most any machine. But, that's covered in
> > much more detail in
> > http://www.debian.org/releases/stable/i386/ch-rescue-boot.en.html#s-install-cd
> What about providing something like indicating a file which lists all
> possible kernels on all CD's. should be a text file so that a simple cat
> | more will sufice to read it.

That would be the README's in /install/doc

> > > Archive path (only one available) : /instmnt
> > We tried to not ask questions where only one response was possible;
> > apparently this one was missed.
> So it will be remedied soon.

No, as someone else mentioned we're not working on boot-floppies
any more. We'll need help testing the new installer once it becomes
available. You'd agree it's a minor problem?

> > > What can I delete?
> > Are you really tight on disk space? With 20-40G disks, most users just
> > don't worry about disk space at this level any more. You would be
> > absolutely amazed how much of that M$ system you're leaving behind is
> > useless on a particular machine.
> I simply hate having anything unneeded on my box. Maybe I'm slightly
> paranoid with all the stuff spying on you under windoze. (And I started
> out with an extremely expensive 10 MB harddisk a couple of years ago. So
> I'm still unwilling to waste space)

In that case, you'll be interested in a little program called cruft.
It needs decent documentation, too.
> > Please submit a detailed bug report on base-config. There should be a
> > way back. (BTW, reportbug is an excellent program to use to report bugs).
> Will do this.
> As I have to work in many languages, some of them with non-Roman
> letters, internationalization is very important and confusing for me.

I hope you can help us clear this up for the user.

> > Good point. It's the database of configuration questions you have
> > asked and answered. The debconf man page is installed with
> > debconf-doc, which is _not_ installed by default. Please write a bug
> > on debconf asking that it either install a man page, or prohibit any
> > other packages from using its name in vain.
> Will do.

> > We would certainly appreciate your help in the testing and
> > documentation areas. There are all too few people in Debian who are
> > good documentors.  Most are programmers who associate writing
> > documentation with eating broccoli, and IMHO really appreciate having
> > docs built for them by the people that can figure out how to use their
> > programs. Most are willing to help you figure it out though.
> As soon as I have everything in place, especially the networking /
> gateway / securing part, I will come back. Offered translating already
> over a year ago, but have never been able to get Linux work with my
> modem / ISDN card. Now with DSL things should be better.

Oh yeah. Definitely. Better & faster.
> > > How shall I ever recommend Linux and especially Debian to anybody, if
> > > the installation is still so clumsy, and documentation (especially on
> > > how to configure something, the EXACT format with ALL options of config
> > > files etc.) is still either nonexistent or only to be found by a long
> > > time developer.
> > 
> > You would have been helped a lot by the install manual, I think. Some
> > of the details are properly hidden and defaulted until you investigate
> > how else that program can serve you. There are many documentation
> > weaknesses.
> Found the manual, will read it now. (So far I could alway install
> everything without to much trouble. Woody was the first version giving
> me a real nightmare.)
> Maybe it would be a nice idea to include a big file sumarizing all the
> changes in a eays to scan format. Espacially changed config tools and
> file formats. A list of changed app names was in the book included in my
> distro.

Our attempt is the release notes (on the CD or website).

> > Did you ask Google?
> Google and X is not the best combination. Maybe I didn't find the
> correct keywords, but I now have a couple of links to look into.

Google and lynx get along pretty well.

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