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Re: cdebconf state

* Tollef Fog Heen 

| *shrug*.  If somebody does it without breaking rfc822db, please go
| ahead.

I was bored today, so I rewrote it using tsearch and friends.  Seems
to work fine so far, and that shaved about 1k off the rfc822db
library.  (And it won't bloat the image, since tsearch et al are
already used in main-menu and udpkg.)

However, I had to break binary compatibility once again, else it
wouldn't work.  According to the man page for tsearch, that is how it
is supposed to work.  Silly stuff.  (The change is putting tag as the
first item in the struct template and struct question).  This means
that I will bump the dependency stuff to libcdebconf0.3 and everything
linking against libcdebconf will need to be rebuilt.  Sorry. :(

However, it seems to me like cdebconf should be about ready to be
uploaded now and we'll be able to get further with the rest of the
installation system.

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