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Re: cdebconf state

* Martin Sjögren 

| tor 2002-08-08 klockan 09.50 skrev Petter Reinholdtsen:
| > 
| > [Tollef Fog Heen]
| > > Well, it works. :) So, I'd rather not change it again.  Also, I
| > > don't know the binary-tree stuff in glibc.  I kinda know this hash
| > > library by now.
| > 
| > Using glibc functions would reduce the size of cdebconf, wouldn't it?
| > I suggest adding a rewrite to the glibc binary-tree functions on the
| > TODO list.

*shrug*.  If somebody does it without breaking rfc822db, please go

| What is the binary tree API for glibc? The tsearch stuff?


| Perhaps I should introduce myself :) I'm a student of computer science
| in Sweden who's on the nmlist. I've been lurking here for a while and
| I'm interested in Debian having a great installer, so I'd be happy to
| help with what I can.

well, if people think rewriting it to use tsearch and friend -- please
go ahead.  If you are looking for other stuff to research -- partition
seems to be hot ATM. :)  Look at the TODO list and start hacking.

If you don't have a CVS account, post the patches to the list and
somebody will apply them.  If they are good, we'll get you a CVS
account proper (or you'll have access anyhow when you get to be a DD).

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