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cdebconf state

cdebconf has been a bit, well, unstable for the last month or so,
after Randolph Chung started a rewrite of it.  it should now be
stabilizing, after he, Colin Walters and I've been hacking on it
irregularly for some time.  Also, the rfc822 backend has been switched
to use hash tables instead of linked lists, since that was a lot
cleaner -- the supporting library is in the table/ subdirectory off
the rfc822db dir.

Also, cdebconf has been split into a library and a non-library part,
which is good and seems to be working fine.  It also has something
which may some day begin to resemble a proper shlibs file; somebody
who knows the shared library stuff better than I do -- please take a
look at it and commit fixes.

Hopefully we won't have too many other large rewrites like this one,
since they set us back quite a bit.

Randolph, could you please review the changes and upload (or just say
go and I'll upload)?

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