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Re: 3.0.21 bf2.4 report


On Sat, Mar 23, 2002 at 06:56:44PM +0100, Robert Bihlmeyer wrote:
> Someone with more grip on the Neue Rechtschreibung should double-check
> these. 

ah well, it's supposed to be easier, but it sucks more than the
old version. they now have even more special cases on how to
treat things, it's just horrible and just a money maker for the
publishing companies *sigh*. at the end they didn't really
simplify things.

> I think either "dass" or "daß" should be used throughout.

dass ... to pretend that we use the new grammar ;).

> "... repariert werden muss."
> Neue Rechtschreibung? My (old) feeling: "muß."

it's muss

> ** partition choosing
> "Dies als das Wurzeldateisystem mounten?"
> =>                              einbinden?
> for consistency
> "Möchten Sie ... als Root-Dateisystem einbinden?"
> =>                   Wurzeldateisystem
> for consistency

Ok, i am for any terms which can be translated and sound that
stupied, but translating the root filesystem with
wurzeldateisystem is so wrong that i have either to cry or laugh.
we shouldn't enfore the translation to everything but keep common
term the same, so Root falls in this category, translating
filesystem with dateisystem is fine, but not root ... it's just
so wrong :).

> "mounted"
> perhaps "eingebunden" for consistency?

yeah, that's sounds great, and it makes sense, opposed to the
above ... i never ever read wurzel-dateisystem in a german book

> "Diesen müssen auf der Diskette im Standard Modulverzeichnis
> (lib/modules/'section') sein."
> =>Die Treiber müssen sich auf der Diskette im Standard Modulverzeichnis
> (lib/modules/'section') befinden.

erm, shouldn't that be lib/modules/kernelversion rather than
section? but i don't know what the naming policy of module
directories is beside the normal kernelversion thing.

so long

PS: maybe we could arrange it this time that we sign keys ;).

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