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3.0.21 bf2.4 report

First off, the bootfloppies are really great! Many of the small
glitches I noted during installation with 3.0.20cvs were already fixed
here. The remaining issues, none of which are really showstoppers,
only small typos et al:

* Language chooser

French misses the "fr -" prefix.

Are these prefixes useful to users? They do give an indication on the
sort criteria, but not much else (unless you want to teach users early
what the ISO code for their language is, they'll need it when
installing e.g. X).

Alternatively, you could sort the languages by popularity (I assume
you have the numbers, to decide which languages go on the bf).

Why do I select a region (e.g. "Deutsch (Schweiz)") here? Is it used
for later settings?

I choose de_AT [Deutsch (Österreich)] BTW.

Localised messages are logged in UTF-8, but the log-console on tty3
does not support UTF-8, which leads to problems with umlauts and other
non-ASCII character.

* Keyboard Layout

"Deutschland" is wrong. It should read "Deutsch". Some layouts get it
right (e.g. "Dänisch", "Französisches Kanadisch"), but many more
should be changed from country to language name ("Frankreich" =>
"Französisch"). "Hungarn" is a clear typo.

Does it even make sense to localise keymap names, i.e. wouldn't the
native spelling (e.g. "Dansk") suffice for all languages since the
user would presumably know that for her keyboard.

qwerty/sk-qwerty seems like a redundant name.

* Shell

The shell from the menu has a localised intro, but the tty2 shell

* Formatting

ReiserFS does not seem to work -- seems it only outputs a usage
message, but that flashes only for a split second. Maybe it would be
better to *not* clear the screen and put up a "Problem" dialog, so we
can actually see the real error message? FWIW, the log entry was
  Filesystem creation with cmd 'mkreiserfs -q -v2 -f -f /dev/hda1'
  failed (256)

I'm not sure whether the characterisation of ReiserFS as less mature
than ext3 is fair. ext2 is already labeled as the best tested in the
blurb, maybe leave it at that? Perhaps it would be good to note at
this point that ext2 can be converted to ext3 easily, and vice versa.

* Mounting a partition

When only one partition could be selected, the selection dialog is
skipped. A good idea, but it left me wondering whether the right
partition was chosen. I think skipping the dialog is ok for actions
that get another are-you-sure box anyway (formatting, etc.), but for
mounting (which is done without further query) keeping it would serve
the purpose of letting the user know what is done.

* Partition choosing dialog
(used during unmount, and install-from-mounted-partition)

Perhaps list the mountpoints without the "/target" prefix as done
during mounting.

* Kernel/Module installation

When trying to install from harddisk, and no unmounted partitions
are found, the dialog does not list ext3 and reiser, though they are
supposedly supported with bf2.4.

Maybe this dialog should hint at the "mounted" option? Or even offer
to transfer the user directly to it? I.e. "Do you want to install from
a mounted partition instead? <Yes>/<No>"

At some point I had the wrong (non-bf2.4 flavor) drivers.tgz in the
directory chosen as the install source. Consequently this unpacked
into /lib/modules/2.2.??. Maybe this could be detected earlier without
too much effort? E.g. checking whether /lib/modules/$kernelver exists
after this step.

* modconf

After exiting a 2nd level menu, you're always dumped at the top of the
1st level menu, so it becomes a chore to step through all interesting
2nd level menus.

We're told that we can read a description when (de)activating a
module, which is not true for many of them.

* network config

I tried choosing that without having a NIC. It rightly complained, but
after the problem dialog, the message
  Syntax error: word unexpected (expecting ")")
showed briefly.

* base-config

Why not in German?? AFAICS base-config is localised, so the only
problem seems to be the passing of the language setting.

Timezone should be defaulted by the language choice, if easily

"If you are on the internet, ..."
=>                 Internet

* pppconfig

Having to delete the "replace_with_xyz" defaults is cumbersome.

* German-specific

Someone with more grip on the Neue Rechtschreibung should double-check

I think either "dass" or "daß" should be used throughout.

The localised message aren't always in sync. This is sometimes
harmless (e.g. in the intro) but for example the message about LILO
Limitations is much more comprehensive in English than in German.

** intro

"... repariert werden muss."
Neue Rechtschreibung? My (old) feeling: "muß."

"... Programmierern und anderen Menschen und Institutionen danken, ..."
=>   Programmierern sowie anderen 

"Besuchen Sie die Debian WWW Seite http://www.de.debian.org/";

site != Seite, so either use the english term, or (better IMHO):

"Besuchen Sie Debian im WWW: http://www.de.debian.org/";

(I first had misgivings about using the mirror in Germany, but it is
certainly nearer to most German speaking persons, even if they're not

** shell intro

"einen Bourne-Shell Klonen."
=>                  Klon.

Bad line wrapping, e.g.
"... "emacs" hätten
gepasst, ..."

** preload modules

"Möchten Sie mit diesen Schritt fortfahren?"
=>               diesem

"In dieser Phasen können ..."
=>         Phase

** partitioning

"LILO, der Boot-LOader für Linux, und das alternativ ..."
remove the comma, and either lower-case the o, or instead write:
=> LILO, der LInux boot-LOader

Generally I think commas are sprinkled too liberally, but I'm really
no big authority with the German comma rules.

** do without swap

"Möchten Sie mit diesen Schritt fortfahren?"
=>               diesem

** formatting

"Traditioneles GNU/Linux Dateisystem"
=> Traditionelles

"..., die mit dem Linux' "%s"-Dateisystem formatiert werden soll."
remove the Apostrophe

** partition choosing

"Dies als das Wurzeldateisystem mounten?"
=>                              einbinden?
for consistency

"Möchten Sie ... als Root-Dateisystem einbinden?"
=>                   Wurzeldateisystem
for consistency

** choosing install media

perhaps "eingebunden" for consistency?

"Es wird nun Treiber-Diskette von ... installiert"
=>       nun die Treiber-Diskette

Hmm, actually it is not a single disk, anyway. Perhaps 
"Es werden nun die Treiber von ... installiert"

"Bitte wählen Sie  das Diskettenlaufwerk ..."
=>            Sie das

"... in das Diskettenlaufwerk ersten ein"
=>   in das erste Diskettenlaufwerk ein.

"... in das Diskettenlaufwerk zweite ein"
=>   in das zweite Diskettenlaufwerk ein.

"Der Versuch, Rettungsdiskette zu entpacken, scheiterte."
=>            die Rettungsdiskette

** modconf

"Alle Module erledigt. Zurück zum vorherigen Menü" is cut off after
"vor" in the top level menu

"Installiert das Modul in den Kernel. <Yes>/<No>"
=> Das Modul in den Kernel installieren?
would make more sense

Why is Yes and No not localised?

"Accellerated Graphics Port"
=> Accelerated

We need more descriptions for module directories

** foreign modules

"Hier können Sie weitere Module von einer Diskette, zum Beispiel, einer
Treiber Diskette eines Herstellers, laden."
=>                                        Diskette, zum Beispiel einer
Treiberdiskette eines Herstellers, laden.

"Diesen müssen auf der Diskette im Standard Modulverzeichnis
(lib/modules/'section') sein."
=>Die Treiber müssen sich auf der Diskette im Standard Modulverzeichnis
(lib/modules/'section') befinden.

"Wenn Sie keine solcheDiskette haben, überspringen Sie diesen Schrit."
=> Wenn Sie keine solche Diskette haben, überspringen Sie diesen Schritt.

** base installation

"Installiere das Basissytem - Alt-F4 zum Debuggen, Alt-F1 kehrt"
is cut off. The Alt-F4 is wrong, but you know that already.

** make bootable

"..., wenn Sie das normalle Boot-Verhalten ..."
=>                 normale


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