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Re: 3.0.21 bf2.4 report

#include <hallo.h>
Robert Bihlmeyer wrote on Sat Mar 23, 2002 um 06:56:44PM:

> French misses the "fr -" prefix.

Already fixed.

> I choose de_AT [Deutsch (Österreich)] BTW.
> Localised messages are logged in UTF-8, but the log-console on tty3

Who cares? These are just debugging messages.

> * Keyboard Layout
> "Deutschland" is wrong. It should read "Deutsch". Some layouts get it
> right (e.g. "Dänisch", "Französisches Kanadisch"), but many more

Who says this? I think all this definitions match a keyboard type. What
is "Deutsch"? I am not sure which keyboard layouts our neighbours have,
but it is possible that there is a different one. Then it is also
"Deutsch" but not the same as in "Deutschland".

> "Französisch"). "Hungarn" is a clear typo.


> Does it even make sense to localise keymap names, i.e. wouldn't the
> native spelling (e.g. "Dansk") suffice for all languages since the
> user would presumably know that for her keyboard.

Good question. If we have a consens, am wont object to remove them.

> The shell from the menu has a localised intro, but the tty2 shell
> hasn't.

Not doable easily due to design issues. And even when, ash and the
programs are not localised anyways.

> * Formatting
> ReiserFS does not seem to work -- seems it only outputs a usage

The i386'er builder got broken reiserfsprogs from Sid - will be fixed in
the next build. Use Ext3 ;)

> When only one partition could be selected, the selection dialog is
> skipped. A good idea, but it left me wondering whether the right
> partition was chosen. I think skipping the dialog is ok for actions

Blah, read the confirmation dialog.

> * Partition choosing dialog
> (used during unmount, and install-from-mounted-partition)
> Perhaps list the mountpoints without the "/target" prefix as done
> during mounting.

Why? You normally should not come in touch with the exact path
specification using this mountpoint.

> * Kernel/Module installation
> When trying to install from harddisk, and no unmounted partitions
> are found, the dialog does not list ext3 and reiser, though they are
> supposedly supported with bf2.4.

Unreproducible, it offers me all existing partitions and I do not see
where it should break. If you mounted those partitions, than choose the
"mounted" source instead.

> Maybe this dialog should hint at the "mounted" option? Or even offer
> to transfer the user directly to it? I.e. "Do you want to install from
> a mounted partition instead? <Yes>/<No>"

Why? You are the user, it was _your_ choice. Maybe the "harddisk" word
is missleading. Should we change it to "umounted partition"?

> At some point I had the wrong (non-bf2.4 flavor) drivers.tgz in the
> directory chosen as the install source. Consequently this unpacked
> into /lib/modules/2.2.??. Maybe this could be detected earlier without

Oh, a bad point. I did not try it yet, but if this is possible, we allow
the users to install un-loadable modules. Report this as a bug, someone
or me will check later.

> After exiting a 2nd level menu, you're always dumped at the top of the
> 1st level menu, so it becomes a chore to step through all interesting
> 2nd level menus.

Make it better.

> We're told that we can read a description when (de)activating a
> module, which is not true for many of them.

Which description? In the menus? How many is many? The modconf build
tries to collect all useable descriptions from kernel and hardware howto.

> * base-config
> Why not in German?? AFAICS base-config is localised, so the only
> problem seems to be the passing of the language setting.

Complicated. base-config seems to need locales. We have patches to
install locales, but is is to late to make big changes, and AFAIK there
is no good concept for non-latin languages. If some german CD
distributor (Lehmans?) wants localized CDs, they may contact me.

> Timezone should be defaulted by the language choice, if easily
> possible.

Okay, come and help. Hack a translation map in shell script (as
base-config extension): locale -> timezone settings.

> * German-specific
> Someone with more grip on the Neue Rechtschreibung should double-check
> these. 

Go ahead. I am a fan of the goold old style ;)

> I think either "dass" or "daß" should be used throughout.

I suggest a mass-search-and-replace of ß with ss.

> The localised message aren't always in sync. This is sometimes

Maybe. Please fix, you can download de.po from

> harmless (e.g. in the intro) but for example the message about LILO
> Limitations is much more comprehensive in English than in German.

Not true.

> ** modconf
> "Alle Module erledigt. Zurück zum vorherigen Menü" is cut off after
> "vor" in the top level menu

Get http://cvs.debian.org/modconf/template/eval_de.fixed and fix it.

> ** base installation
> "Installiere das Basissytem - Alt-F4 zum Debuggen, Alt-F1 kehrt"
> is cut off. The Alt-F4 is wrong, but you know that already.

Irrelevant, this part has been removed in CVS.

> "..., wenn Sie das normalle Boot-Verhalten ..."
> =>                 normale

See above, patches are welcome ;)

"Unix ist ein Konzept! Windows hat garkeins (oder wo sind die Gemeinsamkeiten
 von Win 3, 9x, und NT?)" -- Lakmal Gunasekara <Gunasekara@t-online.de>

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