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Re: installing debian

> Hi Bruce,
>   Thanks for your reply, i didn't write the first message very well, i
wasn't using the mouse, i was trying to use the keyboard without any
success, I'm going to have another go at it as i'm still having trouble with
the keyboard.
          I've installed debian a few times now, the first time i actually
got to  log in, (but cant remember which keyboard i picked) but i dont think
is was the correct box if bedian is like mandrake, it was just a black
screen with log in then password  but it wouldn't boot to the desktop, so i
must be doing a lot of things wrong, Justing writing to say thanx for your

> >
> >
> >    Hi, I have been trying to install Debian for a couple of days now,
> i get
> > throught  the process untill i reach where i have to pick which
> dictionary i
> > want to use as a default, when i click which, nothing happens, so i'm
> > assuming I have picked the wrong keyboard, now with each new install i
> have
> > picked a different keyboard, mine is a turbio-media, 105 keys , now i
> have an
> > adapter to go into the back of the computer (its a TX) i am using an
> adapter
> > to change the keyboard fitting from a  9 pin (male) to a 5 pin (male)
> to fit
> > in the computer, could someone please tell me which keyboard i should
> be
> > using. I' a new user, so can it be in plain english please.
> >
> >
> > Thanking you  Mrs C.J.Holster
> >
> Jackie,
>     Yeh. Baloo picked up what I missed.  Have you not
> the Installation Manual?  (How could that be, it's on the
> CDs in numerous languages...?)  Installation is done
> mostly from the Console/Command Line.
>     Use the arrow keys and tab to negotiate the menus and
> in general you have to press enter to complete your choice.
>     Just pressing enter will select the default choice, which
> is a good idea for the first try.
> Good Luck.
> Write to me for basic stuff, and use the List when you need
> a Guru.....
> Bruce<+>

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