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Re: Notes about boot-floppies, slang, and newt

#include <hallo.h>
Junichi Uekawa wrote on Mon Feb 25, 2002 um 12:36:32PM:

> There is some confusion regarding the outcome of
> slang/newt reorganization, and the resulting boot-floppies 
> change.

I just wanted to know what happens in a theoritcal case, if someone
builds the LC version but with a different lingua then C. IMHO in this
case, she would have trouble with latin1 chars. But a) this would
happen anyways and b) we use English as default in LC build, so don't
worry.  single-locale floppies should still work afterwards.

> I have also located a problem with whiptail-utf8, which was 
> missing a call to setlocale, so that we have a whiptail-utf8 
> that can actually process utf8 strings. 
> Therefore, it should now be possible to create modconf-utf8,
> if one desires, and gets through some other necessary hoops.

Modconf does already come with recoded strings for .UTF-8 locale, and
they is shown almost correctly using "dialog". I just tried - it does
finaly work as expected.

Now, I am going to make modifications to make locales work in modconf

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