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Re: Installation KO with current boot floppies

On Fri, Feb 08, 2002 at 12:53:05AM +0100, Jean-Paul POZZI wrote:
> Exact it was 3.0.18 tested on an Amiga A2000 with Blizzard 060/50.

Thats the hardware I build (and test!) on.
> >>> 1) problem while choosing kernel modules.
> >>> A message complaining about "modconf.sh" beeing not OK ... it seems to
> >>> be present and OK. The message does not "block" the installation process and
> >>> the modules seems to be installed OK.
> >> 
> >> It would help if you could specify what you were doing when the
> >> error occurred and its exact text.
> I was choosing the modules to include in the kernel, I get the message for
> each module after the install. I look in the "offensive" directory (Sorry, I didn't
> write the complete file name and message), the file was there and seems to be "good" looking.

Which modules did you install? I installed ariadne2, no messages, no
problems, network is working. Installed from the network, no problems (it
only takes quite some time to download, verify, unpack, configure packages)
This is with 3.0.19 which I will be uploading in a minute.

> I can't easily install from the network without playing with many cables as
> I have 2 Lan cards and the second card is never recognised at boot time, it is the
> card connected to my ADSL modem, the A2000 acts as a router for my small home LAN.
> The problem is always present with "standard" kernels where the "ariadne2" 
> driver used to be a module.

If the A2k is the router, it should have direct acces to the net (with one of
the NICs?) so why don't you unplug "the other" card for installing? Probably
you can pass an option when loading a module, there must be a way to load
module for two identical NICs. I could not get two Realtek NIcs to work
simultaneously in my router, so I used a different card. Not on option for
your box I guess...

> When I compile a new kernel with "ariadne2" compiled in (not as a module) the
> card is recognised at boot time. The 2.2.20 kernel I use now works very nice,

Both cards or just one card? I don't think the official kernels should
include the driver built in, if all modules wanted to be built in, we'd have
a huge kernel... there must be a solution with passing options to the

> but X seems to be broken (was working 2 weeks ago with a 2.4.17 kernel !).

Which X, the X in woody? Well, its not broken, only the support for m68k is
not quite finished yet...


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