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Re: Installation KO with current boot floppies

On Fri, Feb 08, 2002 at 12:53:05AM +0100, Jean-Paul POZZI wrote:
> >>> 1) problem while choosing kernel modules.
> >>> A message complaining about "modconf.sh" beeing not OK ... it seems to
> >>> be present and OK. The message does not "block" the installation process and
> >>> the modules seems to be installed OK.
> >> 
> >> It would help if you could specify what you were doing when the
> >> error occurred and its exact text.
> I was choosing the modules to include in the kernel, I get the message for
> each module after the install. I look in the "offensive" directory (Sorry, I didn't
> write the complete file name and message), the file was there and seems to be "good" looking.

I don't know where this could be coming from.  Please let us know
if it recurs in subsequent testing.

> >>> 2) Problem to install "basedebs.tgz".
> >>> The installer could not find the basedebs.tgz, even if it was there in
> >>> the right directory. I can't install and had to use the older boot-floppies
> >>> that I had on my harddisk.
> >> 
> >> Likewise (i.e., where was basedebs.tgz located, what did you tell
> >> the installer to do, etc.).
> > That looks like the basedebs.tgz-is-actually-basedebs.tar bug? Why is
> > everybody using basedebs, install from the network!
> Always exact, I look today the debian ftp site and the file is now "basedebs.tar".

This is fixed in CVS, but not in 3.0.19.  In the interim, it
should work to gzip basedebs.tar and rename it basedebs.tgz.  If
that doesn't work, please let us know.

> I hope this will help.
> When I have finished the ongoing install, I will retry the boot floppies on another
> disk partition where there is some space left.

That would be great.  I look forward to hearing your results.


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