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Re: Installation KO with current boot floppies

Hello Christian

On 06-fév-02, you wrote:

> On Wed, Feb 06, 2002 at 12:09:33PM -0800, Matt Kraai wrote:
>> On Wed, Feb 06, 2002 at 08:52:49PM +0100, Jean-Paul POZZI wrote:
>>> I try to install my system with the latest boot-floppies with no success :
>> Which version of the boot floppies are you using?  3.0.18?
> Probably, I assume he was testing on amiga (m68k), the name rings a bell...
> 3.0.19 is not yet built for m68k, working on it. 

Exact it was 3.0.18 tested on an Amiga A2000 with Blizzard 060/50.

>>> 1) problem while choosing kernel modules.
>>> A message complaining about "modconf.sh" beeing not OK ... it seems to
>>> be present and OK. The message does not "block" the installation process and
>>> the modules seems to be installed OK.
>> It would help if you could specify what you were doing when the
>> error occurred and its exact text.

I was choosing the modules to include in the kernel, I get the message for
each module after the install. I look in the "offensive" directory (Sorry, I didn't
write the complete file name and message), the file was there and seems to be "good" looking.

>>> 2) Problem to install "basedebs.tgz".
>>> The installer could not find the basedebs.tgz, even if it was there in
>>> the right directory. I can't install and had to use the older boot-floppies
>>> that I had on my harddisk.
>> Likewise (i.e., where was basedebs.tgz located, what did you tell
>> the installer to do, etc.).
> That looks like the basedebs.tgz-is-actually-basedebs.tar bug? Why is
> everybody using basedebs, install from the network!

Always exact, I look today the debian ftp site and the file is now "basedebs.tar".

I can't easily install from the network without playing with many cables as
I have 2 Lan cards and the second card is never recognised at boot time, it is the
card connected to my ADSL modem, the A2000 acts as a router for my small home LAN.
The problem is always present with "standard" kernels where the "ariadne2" 
driver used to be a module.
When I compile a new kernel with "ariadne2" compiled in (not as a module) the
card is recognised at boot time. The 2.2.20 kernel I use now works very nice,
but X seems to be broken (was working 2 weeks ago with a 2.4.17 kernel !).

> Christian

I hope this will help.

When I have finished the ongoing install, I will retry the boot floppies on another
disk partition where there is some space left.


    Jean-Paul Pozzi

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