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Bug#122139: modconf crash when entering a module directory

Moin Philipp!
Philipp Müller schrieb am Sunday, den 16. December 2001:

> I found the reason. 
> > So say what /bin/sh points too, and try using another shell. 
> Simply bash

Bash should never crash. If you have found the reason and can explain,
please reassign the bug report to bash.

> > hardware.
> No not the hardware.
> It was a missing codepage:
> I have defined in locales 

What do you mean with "locales" here?

> 	nls_iso8859-1
> and
> 	nls_utf8

locales alias? filesystem charset? what? where?

> but didn't have the utf8 included in the modules.

Which modules?

> Yes, this was a broken locales and it took me several hours to get it to 
> where it was until now. And I was already thinking there used to be a module 

What was broken? Is it fixed in defaut distribution? If not, reassign to
the right package or close this bug report.

> Okay, so it is the problem of not having the module already modprobed when I 
> start modconf.

User:     Ich hätte gern ein paar MByte Speicher.
malloc(): OK. Welche Sicherheiten haben sie?

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