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Bug#122139: modconf crash when entering a module directory

Am Sonntag, 16. Dezember 2001 11:26 schrieb Eduard Bloch:
Hello Eduard,

> So, bad news: you shell crashes:

I found the reason. 

> So say what /bin/sh points too, and try using another shell. 
Simply bash

> Oh, and
> restart the box as first - you may have bad ram or similar which may
> make the effect look reproducible, but in fact it may be broken
> hardware.
No not the hardware.

It was a missing codepage:
I have defined in locales 


but didn't have the utf8 included in the modules.

Yes, this was a broken locales and it took me several hours to get it to 
where it was until now. And I was already thinking there used to be a module 
problem (but wasn't realy sure, as I thought with the iso8859-1 I'm already 
fine enough for maintaining), therefore I tried to use modconf.

Okay, so it is the problem of not having the module already modprobed when I 
start modconf.

Thanks for your help.


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