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debootstrap extract file incorrect

It seems like debootstrap's not validating the extract files correctly
for the build. 

make resc1440apus.bin driversapus.tgz
make[1]: Entering directory `/home/toff/boot-floppies'
./rootdisk.sh "" /archive/debian/download 3700 3.0 "apus" C "" 
I: internationalized mode enabled
I: ld.so on this architecture is ld.so.1
I: i18n mode, building with addl languages en pt de pl fr es ja sv it hu
I: i18n mode, increasing available blocks and inodes
I: downloading required packages from files /home/toff/boot-floppies/scripts/rootdisk/EXTRACT_LIST_all /home/toff/boot-floppies/scripts/rootdisk/EXTRACT_LIST_powerpc_apus /home/toff/boot-floppies/scripts/rootdisk/EXTRACT_LIST_i18n
I: Validating /archive/debian/download/var/lib/apt/lists/debootstrap.invalid_dists_sid_Release
I: Validating /archive/debian/download/var/lib/apt/lists/debootstrap.invalid_dists_sid_main_binary-powerpc_Packages
I: Retrieving http://http.us.debian.org/debian/pool/main/n/newt/libnewt-utf8-0_0.50.17-7.1_powerpc.deb
E: Couldn't download libnewt-utf8-0
E: ./rootdisk.sh abort
make[1]: *** [rootapus.bin] Error 1
make[1]: Leaving directory `/home/toff/boot-floppies'
make: *** [build] Error 2
Obsession:/home/toff/boot-floppies# exit

This is in rootdisk.sh where David's patch switches the libnewt's. But
the libnewt-utf version on the website for powerpc is
....17-7.3_powerpc.deb rather than 17-7.1 which was downloaded in the
EXTRACT_LIST sometime earlier. I think those are debootstrap messages,
the I: Validating ... ones, but I don't think they're working
correctly, or else it would figure out the version number doesn't
match and update the EXTRACT_LIST. Right?

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