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Re: Release-notes

The italian translation of the release notes are being worked and we plan to
put the documentation in the CVS in some weeks.


Il Sun, Dec 09, 2001 at 12:03:33PM -0700, Chris Tillman ha scritto:
> Well, yes and no. On debian-www robster got a little overwhelmed with
> the job and asked for some help, or for someone to take them over. No
> one responded, and josip said he's not aware of anyone working on
> them. Day before yesterday, I went through the current revision (from
> the location published in debian-www) with a fine-tooth comb, did some
> reorg etc., and posted it to debian-www. When no one commented on it,
> I committed the result into boot-floppies yesterday.
> So I think the current cvs version is actually pretty up-to-date. It
> still needs the list of renamed and split packages, and anything else
> needed along those lines, and some better review for potential gotchas
> people should know about. But it's in fairly good shape otherwise.

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