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Re: Endless loop

In message <[🔎] Pine.LNX.4.40.0111301212070.11285-100000@scribble.fsn.hu>, Attila N
agy writes:
>I've built a new set of boot floppies yesterday and got an endless loop
>after the blue screen has arrived. 

What do you mean by an "endless loop" - what exactly do you see on the screen?

>When I enable the LANGUAGE_CHOOSER it goes to the following lines of
>problemBoxEn ("An error occured while loading application messages.",

This probably means you didn't clean the tree fully after your previous build.
Turning LANGUAGE_CHOOSER on or off is pretty intrusive: it's very important
that no generated files are left lying around otherwise you can end up with
a broken mixture of i18n and non-i18n stuff.

Try making "clean" and rebuilding.  If the problem persists, send mail here 


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