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Endless loop


I've built a new set of boot floppies yesterday and got an endless loop
after the blue screen has arrived. This is when I set USE_LANGUAGE_CHOOSER
:=false in config. I can't do nothing. I can switch to the second console,
but it immediately gives me that nice empty blue screen :)

When I enable the LANGUAGE_CHOOSER it goes to the following lines of

problemBoxEn ("An error occured while loading application messages.",

reboot (RB_AUTOBOOT);

And of course this isn't an effective method of installing Debian from
the floppies.

This is what I did:
$ cvs checkout boot-floppies
$ make release
install it into a directory.
make a CD with it.
boot, and got the above...

What am I doing wrong (again:) ?

Attila Nagy                                    e-mail:  Attila.Nagy@fsn.hu
Budapest Polytechnic (BMF.HU)                   @work: +361 210 1415 (194)
H-1084 Budapest, Tavaszmezo u. 15-17.           cell.: +3630 306 6758

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