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Re: Flashing screen with cvs bootdisks

#include <hallo.h>
Philip Blundell wrote on Fri Nov 30, 2001 um 09:09:52PM:

> >de language, the rest of lines is cut away when a non-ASCII character
> >appears. Looks ugly. 
> Do you mean you are using the 3.0.17 stuff from the archive, or the current 
> code from CVS?

Of course an updated CVS snapshot, few days ago. The flavor
(udma100-ext3) does not have framebuffer. And it probably won't,
because of limited kernel size.

> >IMHO the stuff is nothing but unstable, and not suitable for Woody.
> Be patient.  It is not as bad as all that.

As said, the dialog boxes are broken, parts of the lines disappear when
non-ASCII characters are there. This is critical, IMHO.

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