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Re: fallback to single language when fbcon not available

>How often are users going to be in a situation with no fb-capable
>video driver?

Fairly often, I suspect.  I think the only fbcon driver that's enabled in our
kernel images is vesafb, and my experience has been that it doesn't work with 
a lot of cards.  It might be worth filing a bug on kernel-image to ask for e.g.
matroxfb and mach64fb to be turned on as well.

>Sounds like this issue is kinda a crippling one -- the idea to drop
>down to english as effectively 7 bit sounded like the best approach.

Yep, seems that way.  I've checked in a patch that implements this.

I see someone uploaded an NMU for newt, too.  So, the only blocking issue I
know about for LC at the moment is #121186.  I'm kind of wary about NMUing
bogl-bterm for that one without the maintainer at least agreeing that the 
change is correct, but we may have no choice if nothing happens soon.


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