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Bug#121374: [David Weingart <dweingart@pobox.com>] Base system stalls during boot

Package: boot-floppies
Severity: important

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My system: PowerMac G4/400 PCI Graphics, 160 MB RAM, 2 internal IDE 
drives - 10 GB Western Digital and a 40 GB Maxtor.

My problem: I'm trying to install Woody, so I downloaded the files 
needed to create an boot/install CD (as per 
http://people.debian.org/~branden/ibook.html), intending to perform 
the install via FTP.

I went through the install, and everything seemed to work without 
incident. I chose to make the system bootable from the hard disk, and 
rebooted the system. This part worked as well - I'm getting the 
yaboot prompt, and the linux system starts to boot from the hard 
drive. However, it stalls with error message:

"15TZconfig exited with return value 1"

I noticed that I wasn't asked to set the time zone from the installer 
(which is different from the 2.2 installer).

If I reboot, the system stalls with a different error:

"Id "1" respawning too fast"

I've wiped the partition clean and re-installed twice with the same 
results. Am I doing something wrong?


David Weingart
The foot can split wood, but it can't split a watermelon.

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