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Re: sparc IPC

In message <[🔎] 84y9kry1e0.fsf@scrooge.apana.org.au>, Brian May writes:
>2. When installing via boot disks, it asks for the drivers 1 disk.
>However, it rejects the disk I insert because it says it is from the
>"sun4cdm_drivers" series (sorry I can't recall exact name; checking it
>would require me to reboot...), but it expected to find the "drivers"
>series. So I did this part via network instead.

I've checked in a change that I hope will fix this one.  You might like to try 
it again with the next release of boot-floppies and make sure that the bug 
really is gone.

>4. (oops I can't count). Somehow, when trying to save a file in
>nano-tiny, it crashed with a segmentation fault, and crashed the
>virtual console.

Probably best to file a bug against nano-tiny itself for this.


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