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sparc IPC


I have an old sparc IPC workstation, and am trying to install Debian
testing on it, using boot disks created on 2001-10-27.

I have encountered 3 bugs so far with the woody installation process:

1. When booting tftp, the workstation downloads the kernel without
problem. It says "selecting sun4cdm kernel". I presume this means that
it is booting from the tftpboot image. It is busy doing something (not
sure what...) for approx 1 minute, when the screen flashes black for a
split second and the computer locks up. Similar results occur with the
stable boot image too, so perhaps this is not Debian's fault...

2. When installing via boot disks, it asks for the drivers 1 disk.
However, it rejects the disk I insert because it says it is from the
"sun4cdm_drivers" series (sorry I can't recall exact name; checking it
would require me to reboot...), but it expected to find the "drivers"
series. So I did this part via network instead.

3. When downloading files for debootstrap, I accidently got the port
of my proxy server wrong - 8080 instead of 3128. debootstrap
downloaded a 0 byte Release file and refused to download a new copy of
the file until I traced what was happening and deleted the old file

4. (oops I can't count). Somehow, when trying to save a file in
nano-tiny, it crashed with a segmentation fault, and crashed the
virtual console. I tried typing in "reset" and "exit", but it didn't
help.  The screen is stuck on the segmentation fault message, followed
by the prompt, and nothing I type changes anything.

Anyway, hope some of this helps in improving the boot disks for
Brian May <bam@debian.org>

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